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The Contacts screen displays a complete list of all contacts in CorpSync including both manually created contacts and imported ones.

There are two types of contacts:

  • Manual – These contacts are created within CorpSync.
  • Automatic – These contacts are imported from another source like AD or Microsoft 365

Manual contacts can be created one at a time by pressing “Create New Contact” button, or can be imported by uploading a CSV file containing a list of contacts.

Contacts can be sorted by each column (by clicking on the header) to allow the user to find contacts quickly. There is another Search feature at the top right corner of the Contact screen.

View/Edit a contact by clicking on the hyperlink on the contact’s name.

Note that there are two types of contacts, they are either Automatic, which means they are imported from the other sources (like Microsoft 365) or they are Manual, which means they are created manually within CorpSync.

Automatic contacts cannot be deleted and therefore they are not selectable with the checkbox beside them.

By pressing the Export button, you can export the contact list in a format of an Excel file.

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