Looking for a customizable digital solution that will automatically sync and update your business contacts to any mobile device and Outlook?

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CorpSync 1024

remain responsive across devices

CorpSync is our web-based platform that automatically uploads and updates contacts and personalized corporate information in Microsoft Outlook, and on any mobile device that synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange, such as iOS and Android phones.​

Why CorpSync?

With CorpSync, working with mobile devices can be more efficient. Users will no longer have to manually enter a contact’s information (e.g., telephone, email, position, etc.) into the device or retrieve it from an outside source or third party application, thereby saving time and increasing productivity for all users subscribed to this platform.

Seamless contact management

Adding or finding contacts via smartphones requires manual entry or retrieving them from an external source, which cuts into the user’s time while dragging down productivity.

Fall in love with our features

Easy transition

There is minimal user training, or involvement necessary. No software to install on desktops or mobile devices either.

Flexible Sync

Sync unique contact groups to different users. Pull contacts from your Active Directory, data bases, UltiPro, and more.

Team Calendar

Push events and create appointments in Outlook for both individual users and department groups.

iOS and Android app

A mobile app option is readily available, it provides an alternative option for users who do not want their business contacts in their native mobile address book.

Mass Messaging

Send promotions, reminders, emergency notifications, etc. to your CorpSync Contacts from both the app and the web portal.

MS Azure Cloud Infrastructure

The platform manages itself once rules are defined and users have been added to the system.

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