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Collects and saves information electronically under multiple, pre-defined forms

Detailed printable reports are available to anyone at your company

Integrates with the Thomson Reuters Elite Accounting System

Contains workflow engines for processing requests and notifying stakeholders

Speeds up file opening by automating the process of collecting and saving information

Provides an approval / refusal mechanism for your acceptance committee

A Matter Intake Application Tailored to Your Firm’s Requirements

CorpIntake is our web-based, multi-module matter intake application that expedites the process of in-taking client information and opening files for client cases. This allows users to view, and manage information in real time, in one application.

CorpIntake Expedites Your Client Intake procedures

Collecting information relating to client and legal matters when accepting a client case often involves multiple, disjointed applications (e.g. word processor) and outdated technology (hand-recorded notes). The result is scattered information across multiple files or programs, which slows down productivity while increasing administration costs.

CorpIntake digitizes these manual procedures and consolidates all your matter-related data into one platform.

Take charge with a proven system optimized to your needs