We provide comprehensive, in-depth consulting services to clients with complex problems that require a technical solution. Our team of seasoned professionals follow a proven process that first starts with understanding your needs, followed by the design, implementation and servicing of robust IT solutions.

We work with a wide variety of well-known business applications, including Thomson Elite, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, and Business Intelligence Tools.

Microsoft Office Add-in Development

We deliver custom enterprise solutions for Microsoft Word, Excel, Office 365 and Outlook. Starting from research and project architecture — finishing with polished key-ready solutions for Microsoft Office.

Practice Management Solutions

As the web continues to penetrate almost every area of business, our clients depend on us to deliver reliable, custom-built digital solutions to support their objectives.

PaayaTech will help you maximize sales, cut operational costs, and work more efficiently by integrating our knowledge of your business and objectives into a flexible, intuitively designed practice management solution.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Development

PaayaTech specializes in Microsoft Azure cloud-based automated solutions that provide safe, seamless and rapid migration of your business, enterprise and customer-centric applications to the cloud.

We can also help you affordably migrate your servers, databases and apps to cloud environments, ensuring scalability, flexibility and cost savings.

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Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free
  • All PaayaTech services come with a money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied we'll refund you the cost of the project within 30 days of purchase.

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