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CorpSync is a web-based platform that can be setup to read corporate contact information from different source systems (including M365/AD/GAL/HR/CRM/…) and sync them with Subscribers’ Outlook mailbox and smartphones.

Using CorpSync, subscriber users will no longer have to manually enter a contact in their phones and enter their information (e.g., telephone, email, position, etc.) or access another website or system for getting contact information; thereby, saving time and increasing productivity for all users subscribed to it.


  • Flexible Sync – Push unique Contact Groups to subscribers. Pull contacts from your Active Directory, any type of databases, Accounting Systems (3E, Aderant), HR/CRM Systems (UltiPro, Dynamics, SAP, …), and more.
  • Easy transition – There is minimal user training, or involvement necessary. No software to install on desktops.
  • Mass Messaging – Send promotions, reminders, emergency notifications, etc. to your CorpSync™ Contacts from the web portal.
  • Ultra-Secure Azure Cloud Infrastructure – CorpSync lives in Azure, and it manages itself once rules are defined and users have been added to the system.
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