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Contact Groups

On this screen you can view and manage Contact Groups. Contact Groups are containers for groups of contacts and provide the following benefits:

  • Push only selected contacts to Subscribers (instead of all contacts).
  • All Subscribers to that group would receive updated contacts automatically.
  • Send mass text messages (SMS) to selected groups of people.

There are three types of Contact Groups that can be added to the system:

  • ImportedContact Groups that are imported to CorpSync from another integration source. It could be Microsoft 365, Active Directory, HR/CRM database, and so on. Note that when importing a group from another source, all contacts in that group are also imported to CorpSync. Imported Contact Groups and Contacts within them are refreshed every night; meaning, information of updated contacts, or contacts that added or removed from the contact groups are updated every night.
  • Manual – Contact Groups that their contacts are manually selected from the contacts in CorpSync.
  • DynamicContact Groups that their contacts are selected from contacts in CorpSync based on a filter expression applied to contact fields (e.g., Department, Office Location, Job Title, etc.).

Note: any Contact Group can also become a Subscriber Group by turning on the subscriber group switch,

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