A matter-centric tickler and docketing system


Court Rule Integration

Automatic deadline calculation based on matter jurisdiction

MS-Outlook Calendar

Automatically sync matter events to user’s Outlook calendar

Events Bulk Update

Make changes to all matter events with couple of clicks


Integrated to 3E, Aderant, iManage DMS, Microsoft Outlook

Notifications / Reminders

Unlimited Reminders per event,
Instant, daily, or weekly Notifications

Matter Dashboard

Collect all Matter related information in one platform


MatterAlert is a matter-centric tickler and docketing system designed to help legal teams manage all matter related information seamlessly in one platform. The right tickler and docketing system makes it easy to keep track of all critical dates, limitation periods and tasks across all matters so that you never miss any deadlines.
Court Rule

Automatic Calendar Event Creation based on Court Rules

MatterAlert is integrated into Court-Rules Service, which tracks critical court rules and dates (such as limitation periods, deadlines, trial dates, etc.) of selected courts across North America.

Adding all tasks and deadlines for an event/trigger (e.g. Trial) is as easy as a couple of clicks with this integration. MatterAlert displays the list of actions with their deadlines calculated based on the event date (e.g. Trial date), allowing the user to push events to stakeholders’ calendars.

Reminders & Notifications

An unlimited number of reminders can be set up for each event or appointment. The reminders will be synced with every user’s calendar. These reminders are automatically adjusted for all users when dates change.

MatterAlert notifications makes sure the matter team never misses any critical dates or limitation periods:

Outlook Integration (Office 365/Exchange Server)

MatterAlert seamlessly integrates into Office365 and on-prem Exchange Servers (2010 and above). So, calendar events and reminders created or updated in MatterAlert are automatically reflected in Outlook.
With an efficiently crafted work schedule for each user, operations can run smoothly and cost effectively, boosting productivity and profitability at the same time.
Outlook integration

Automatic syncing of dates and rules

Limitation periods and critical dates may change over the matter life span (e.g. court date or mediation date) for different reasons. Usually, there are multiple tasks, appointments, and reminders related to a limitation period.
MatterAlert automatically adjusts calendar events dates as limitation periods change either automatically or through Calendar Rules and then syncs it with all users’ Ms-Outlook calendars.