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Imported Contact Groups

Imported Contact Groups are imported to CorpSync from another integration source.

They can be imported by the user from Microsoft 365, or they can be automatically created using “CorpSync On-Prem Loader” which is setup by PaayaTech on a server inside your organization network.

“CorpSync Loader” can read contacts from several different types of sources like Active Directory, HR/CRM databases, Accounting Databases, etc., and apply lots of different filters on them.

When importing a Contact Group, all the contacts within that group are also imported to CorpSync as “Automatic” contacts.

Imported Contact Groups and the contacts within them are refreshed every night. This includes, name of the Contact Group, any addition or removal of contacts to/from that group, or any information change to a contact.

Notes on Imported Azure Groups

  • It would take some time for CorpSync to download the list of all contacts in the group. For this purpose, there is a Refresh button on the top right side of the Contact Groups screen to refresh the list and see the updated status and number of contacts.
  • Every Imported Contact Group and its contacts are refreshed from the source every night automatically. However, if you need to refresh them manually, you can use the blue Refresh List of Contacts button on Contact Groups page. This refresh updates number of contacts in a group, properties of contacts, and name of the Contact Group.
  • When removing an imported Contact Group members that are also in other Imported Contact Groups will not be removed.
  • To delete a Contact Group that is also a Subscriber Group, you will need to Unsubscribe it first.
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