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Dynamic Contact Groups

Dynamic Contact Groups as their name suggests, are groups that contacts in them are “dynamically” selected based on a filter on contacts on CorpSync.

Please note that this filter only runs on contacts that are already in CorpSync. If you would like a contact to be considered as part of this filter, it should be imported from a source system (e.g., Microsoft 365) first.

To create a new dynamic Contact Group, click on the button: “Add Dynamic Contact Group”. You will see the following fields:

  • Contact Group Name: Make sure you select a meaningful and relevant name. For example, if you are creating a Contact Group for a New York office it is good to name the list: “New York Office”.
  • Contact Group Type: By default, this field has been set to “Dynamic”. This means every night, CorpSync™ Loader will refresh contacts within a Contact Group based on the rules defined. If the type of list is “Manual”, the contacts within the group are static and will not be refreshed and should be maintained by the administrator manually.
  • Outlook Folder Name: Outlook folder name that the contacts will be push to, when CorpSync™ synchronizes contacts with MS-Exchange (Under MS-Outlook contacts). You can change this folder on the Settings page before you add any subscribers.

BEWARE: Changing this folder’s name, does not change previously created folder in Subscribers mailboxes. Therefore, if contacts are pushed to subscribers already, changing Outlook Folder Name would result in duplicate contacts in subscribers’ mailbox.


After entering the group name, click on “Create” button to create the Contact Group and continue to define the dynamic filter.

The user can create a simple or a complicated rule to filter contacts. In the backend, CorpSync converts these rules to a SQL query that filters contact lists to include only contacts that are defined within the that specific rule.

Add as many lines of filtering rules as you need and when you are done click on the “Apply” button.

Note: The Apply button will apply and save all the information on this screen including the Name of the group. You don’t need to click on Save button after clicking the Apply button.

CorpSync will use the entered filter to select the applicable contacts and selected contacts will show up in a grid below the filter.


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