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Dashboard and Menu


Dashboard is the first page that you see when you login to CorpSync. On this screen, information about sync process status and licensing status are shown.


Menu is located on the left side of the screen. Here is what system would show when you click on menu items:

  • Dashboard – Displays sync status and licensing status.
  • Contact Groups – View/manage Contact Groups.
  • Contacts – View/manage all the contacts in CorpSync™.
  • Subscribers – List, search, and view all the contacts that are also Subscribers.
  • Mass Messaging – Send Mass messages (SMS) to Contacts or Contact Groups.
  • Account and Billing – View/manage logged-in user’s profile, company information, subscription plans, invoices, and payment information.
  • Admin Users – View/manage CorpSync™ admin users.
  • Integration – View/manage integrations to other systems such as Microsoft 365.
  • Settings –Important system settings can be changed on this screen.
  • Audit Logs – Search and view activities of the system.
  • Support Tickets – Create/view/track support tickets.
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