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PaayaTech Inc. offers scalable and customized IT solutions for law firms in Canada, USA and UK. We design and develop applications that help you in improving you company’s efficiency, client coordination and legal performance.
Our mission is to help you leverage our tech expertise to modernize your law firm’s operations.
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MatterAlert App Calendar

PaayaTech Inc. Announces Updated Features of MatterAlert – a Powerful Tickler, Docketing, and Calendar System.

Press Release PaayaTech, Inc., a legal technology company, has announced new features to their tickler, docketing, and calendar system called MatterAlert. Integrated with calendar rules (court rules), this system is designed to help legal teams seamlessly manage all matter-related information in one platform. The right tickler and docketing system makes

legal docketing software

Legal Docketing Software in a Nutshell

Docketing is an essential part of any litigation and intellectual property (IP) department. There are different ways to manage the docketing aspect of business, but modern docketing systems offer a better solution. Legal docketing software is a comprehensive approach to managing the docketing process that provides law firms with numerous