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This screen displays a list of all the contacts that are also subscribers. Subscribers are contacts that receive contact lists in their MS-Outlook. Use this screen to view subscribers and push to Outlook stats for them.

This is the information in the list:

  • Subscriber: This displays the name of a Subscriber.
  • Mailbox: shows the mailbox address of each Subscriber.
  • Source Contact Group(s): shows the contact group(s) the subscriber belongs to.
  • Last Outlook push: The last time contacts were pushed to this subscriber’s mailbox.
  • Next Outlook push: The next scheduled time contacts would be pushed to this subscriber’s mailbox.

Click on the name of a subscriber, to view information about the subscriber.

Note that the blue “Push to Outlook” button on the left side of each Subscriber allows the administrator to manually initiate a push process only to that subscriber.


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