PaayaTech is happy to announce their partnership with the leading document management technology company iManage!

2022 03 14 iManage Partnership 1

PaayaTech Inc. announces its partnership with iManage, the leading document management system. As a result, PaayaTech now expands its consulting services to offer any integration between iManage and other applications and can provide custom software solutions that integrate with iManage.

“This partnership not only allows us to broaden our services to our clients but also adds value to our existing products CorpIntake™ and MatterAlert™ by providing seamless interface to both matter/client information as well as iManage documents in one single interface” says PaayaTech CTO, Farsheed Solimanpour.

About PaayaTech

Since 2007, PaayaTech has serviced the legal industry through the development of customized software products, including:

Corp Sync™: Provide Organizational Contacts / Caller ID on smartphones
Matter Alert™: Matter Dashboard and Powerful Docketing and Calendar System
Corp Intake™: Powerful & Customizable New-Business Intake (NBI) Application.