Our Product

EventSync calendaring lets you manage your firm’s case, staff, and client events with ease.

Track Deadlines and Case Timelines

Easily Schedule Appointments Across Multiple Calenders

Create Case Specific Tasks and Assign them to Users


EventSync is an scheduling web application and critical case date management tool designed to help you to schedule and organize critical tasks, events or meetings with colleagues, clients, and teams.

Alleviate yourself of complicated email threads and obscure pieces of paper, with this scheduling software you can easily coordinate important matters across all stakeholders and privately schedule the necessary appointments right to the invitee’s personal calendar. In minutes you’ll have compared everyone’s schedules and found the best time to meet, ensuring no conflicts and no time wasted comparing availability.

Time Management

Seamlessly view your calendar events in Outlook calendar — Which can be integrated with your EventSync central calendar. From there, anytime you create a new event, the entry is logged in your personal Outlook calendar. And any changes to your calendar in EventSync will reflect in Outlook, you will never need to update your schedule in more than one place.

Tasks and Deadlines

Don’t watch another appointment fly by. EventSync manages, shares, and updates your calendar. Everyone stays on the same page, whether you’re meeting a deadline solo, working with a small cohort, or collaborating across your entire firm. This calendar keeps track of your cases and notifies you of any changes, so you’re always up to date.

Event Linking

Legal steps usually have defined timelines or deadlines with many related activities. Don’t get lost in a scheduling maze. Link events for each case with your internal applications. Easily track progress and share calendar updates with your team over the lifetime of each case.