Microsoft Azure Cloud Development

Looking to convert your desktop application or legacy Web solution to the cloud?
You are in right place.

What We Do.

Our team of experts will help you design and build scalable Cloud based applications.

We specialize in Mircrosoft Azure cloud-based automated solutions that provide safe and seamless migration of your enterprise and customer-centric applications to the cloud.

We can also help you affordably migrate your servers, databases and apps to cloud environments, ensuring scalability, flexibility and cost savings.


Do you need to reduce operational costs while increasing the effectiveness of IT processes?

Or perhaps you want your data to be accessible in real time, across different platforms in different locations.

Whatever your business needs may be, we’ll work to develop a secure cloud based solution that can help innovate your business procedures and transform the way you manage your data, clients, vendors and more.

We offer functional, intuitive, and secure cloud solutions.

• Architecture, Design and Development of SaaS Solutions for Microsoft Azure

• Migrating existing application to Microsoft Azure Cloud

• Design and Development of Azure Functions

• Configuring MS-Azure environment

Practice makes perfect

From designing to testing to deployment stage, our developers work with you at every phase to carve out a product exactly how you want it.

Our experts have thorough knowledge of the cloud industry and use different tools to help you launch your web applications on the cloud swiftly. Not only seamless cloud development, we port and enhance the existing web applications too.

Give us your problems

We understand the common onsite data storage issues that force our clients to utilize cloud services. Take advantage of PaayaTech’s advanced expertise in one of the most recognized cloud development platforms, Microsoft Azure. We are highly proficient at developing ASP.NET MVC Web Apps to Microsoft Azure services using lastest Microsoft techologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Blazor.

There are serious advantages to moving to the Cloud, but it’s important to take a customized approach to determine the best onsite vs. offsite solution for your organization. PaayaTech will work with your business to recommend the right options to meet your needs.

Sample Project Highlight:

ODACC Adjudication System

Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts (“ODACC”) is the Authorized Nominating Authority (“ANA”) under the Construction Act. As the ANA, ODACC is responsible for administering construction-related adjudications and for training and qualifying Adjudicators.
PaayaTech designed, implemented and tested the ODACC adjudication system (cloud based SaaS solution) from start to finish using the latest Microsoft technology, having set up the application in Microsoft Azure infrastructure.